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What DJ to hire for your Adirondack, Berkshire, Champlain, Lake George, Saratoga or Albany region we

"OMG where do I begin searching for a DJ? There's so many of them and I don't know the difference except for the price and what I see on their websites." Good question, allow me to help you... First, let's define DJ: disc jock·ey noun- a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio or at a disco. Great we got that, but in modern times the culture has defined a different image of DJ, and your wedding is not a disco. Maybe you're looking for a heck of a dance party, maybe you desire more laid back, or more interactive DJ/Emcee. Some DJs come in teams, some work alone, some own photo booths, some offer specialized lighting, some... omg it can be overwhelming

Advice for a tent wedding

Working for a wedding association one of the typical questions we get is about having a tented wedding -vs- a banquet hall/venue wedding and what’s the best way and cheapest option. I can’t say what the “best” is, I can say both options require a different amount of attention and preparation. Over the past few months I had the opportunity of working with a couple as their wedding coordinator for a wedding that recently happened. This wedding was a beautiful rustic chic tented wedding located on the couples property. Kudos to them for pulling off such an elaborate fun filled affair I must say. As the coordinator some of my duties were handling communication and payment for vendors, setting a

How not to respond to a bride to be...

Recently for my internship I had a project to complete in which I had the opportunity to see how certain wedding vendors responded to inquiries for my wedding date.The email included the basics: our names, date, guest count, preferred time, and request of their services. It was sent out to: DJs, photographers, caterers, florists, photo booth professionals, beauty specialists, videographers, bakers, and several different venues all from my area. It was literally a three sentence email… Let’s start with the Disc Jockeys of course, because they’re the most important part of the wedding right? Well that’s up to you, but some of them definitely think they are with their two page responses to my

The History of the #Abstraction

You hired a DJ. Most peoples mental conception of a DJ is they show up, play music and make people dance...and many do just that, sometimes not even the dancing part. There's just got be more. Some entertainers, like myself, also tell love stories, use voice recordings, create scripts, timelines and work closely with the photographer to deliver more than just music. Even after all the dancing is over, most DJs are still not giving the couple anything they can "keep" except for memories. I have often asked folks who were married anywhere from 3-10+ years ago, "Who did you use for a DJ?" Their reply, more often than not, "I cannot remember." Following my desire to produce better wedding

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