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What DJ to hire for your Adirondack, Berkshire, Champlain, Lake George, Saratoga or Albany region we

"OMG where do I begin searching for a DJ? There's so many of them and I don't know the difference except for the price and what I see on their websites." Good question, allow me to help you...

First, let's define DJ: disc jock·ey noun- a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio or at a disco. Great we got that, but in modern times the culture has defined a different image of DJ, and your wedding is not a disco. Maybe you're looking for a heck of a dance party, maybe you desire more laid back, or more interactive DJ/Emcee. Some DJs come in teams, some work alone, some own photo booths, some offer specialized lighting, some... omg it can be overwhelming especially when you're looking for a caterer, venue, florist, photographer, gowns, rings...ugh, stop Mark, my brain is swelling, just help me! Ok, here we go...

It's important to understand the two types of DJs first to compare apples to apples:

1-Single Operator-this person alone or with a partner but generally only does one wedding per day.

2-Multi Operator-this company employs multiple DJs and does multiple events on any given day.

Of course there are pluses and minuses about both, but, skipping them and assuming the quality is the same with any of the respective companies you are looking at, let's focus on the third type of DJ, yep, the third type:

3-The DJ/Entertainer who continues their education in an industry that does not require it. They care more about your event, you're not a number to them, they want the best for you, they have a backup plan, a solution to any and every situation that may develop. They have a commitment to excellence, a passion for entertainment and a love of their craft so deep, it is just incredible. Also, they don't just play music. They ENTERTAIN, they HOST, they provide a more well-rounded experience for all your guests. Hire THIS DJ, hire them FAST, hire them and you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Where do I find this type of DJ you may ask? Here's where, in our area:

ADJA Chapter Logo

Of course anywhere around the country you can find a great DJ by visiting, but in our area specifically, visit our chapter site and click on "find your DJ" and you will find those who fall into this category of service, dedication and passion. Please allow me to introduce the 'officers' of the chapter to you now, alphabetically by company name.

Treasurer, DJ Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly, Chapter Treasurer

Member at Large/Director, DJ Zac Barr

DJ Zac Barr

Zac Barr

Vice President, DJ Mike Garrasi, Music Man Entertainment

Music Man Entertainment

Mike Garrasi, Chapter Vice-President

Secretary, DJ Mark B. (that's me!) Total Entertainment Music

Total Entertainment

Mark Brenneisen, Chapter President

President, DJ Caroline Kurkowski, Upbeat Occasions

Best wishes on your wedding and special event planning!!! If you have a really HUGE event coming up and you need help from many angles, our chapter can help you as well as a team. We annually work together where certain clients require more services or equipment than any one of us provide alone. Here's an example of a recent charity event we teamed up and now have actually taken over as a chapter for future planning, hosting and fund raising. By working together, we can provide more audio-visual equipment and an amazing event. See you on the dance floor soon! ~Marky

2015 Lake George Mom Prom

2015 Lake George Mom Prom

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