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Quotes over the years

A good quote is meant to inspire and make us better, but, like a gym membership, you have to apply it to your life, use it, get the full value out of it. Through my memberships in national and regional organizations such as The American Disc Jockey Association, Association of Bridal Consultants, and Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association, I have had the opportunity to attend many conventions, seminars and classes all over the world and learn. Many of these quotes inspired me to make changes, I hope they do the same for you, enjoy!

For life in general:

“Life is a game made for everyone, and love is the prize” – Avicii, from the song Wake Me up.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of failure, is for you to do nothing.” - Episode of Criminal Minds.

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men into the divine.” -Ludwig van Beethoven.

“Somebody just messaged me and said ‘I wish I was a morning person like you.’

I said, ‘You weren't born in the ‘not a morning person line,’ you just choose to live in the ‘I can't aisle’... It's just as hard for me but I CHOOSE IT! (Getting up early)” – Mike McGrath, Entrepreneur/friend

“Waking on the moon is not a miracle, we just decided to go.” - Tom Hanks, Apollo 13

For DJs, wedding planners and wedding pros:

"Exceptional talent is not cheap. Cheap talent is not exceptional." - John Roz, ADJA member at office visit in CT to his facility.

“I have high expectations of the people whose talent is in my care. I don't accept their current limitations - no matter how much they try to convince me of them.” - Mark Ferrell, Facebook Post.

“Let’s get past the paperwork & get to the really fun part!” - Alan Berg, seminar in Albany, NY.

“Be fair to everyone, remember everyone’s names, conduct yourself and business like a pro all the time.” - Chris Cox, ADJA LVDJS.

“Every person has to earn their worth and their paycheck, otherwise they are not needed if you have to support them.” - Jamie Bodie, ADJA LVDJS.

"If you're not creating anticipation at your events then your guests are only anticipating one thing - leaving." - Bill Hermann, via Mitch Taylor from Facebook.

“If you book yourself three times in one weekend, you are giving 1/3 of yourself at each event.” -Remy LaFargue, Officiant, at wedding training event, October 2015.

“They sell the dream, we service the nightmare.” - Mary Jacobs, wedding planner, at wedding training event January 2016.

"The fastest way to hell is to put money before people." - T.R. Laz, FB post.

“This is how business works; you have to be different, innovate.” - Dave Parks, DJ, January 2016 phone conversation.

“You can't do epic shit with simple people”- Todd Mitchem, DJ, ‪#‎MBLV20 as quoted by Mitch Taylor on Facebook.

“Games are won by players who focus on the playing field - not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.” - Warren Buffett, shared from Randy Bartlett Facebook page, June 2016.

“Do you have 37 years of experience, or one year, repeated 36 times?” - Brian Graham, ADJA National Officer at LVDJS Convention, September 2013.

“If you know how to dance, then it doesn’t matter who you are dancing with.” - Giovanni D'Abbiero, videographer, wedding pro's educational seminar, December 2013.

“Do it 1% better each time.” - Randy Bartlett, ADJA member via the web, educational mentor.

“No one spends $30,000.00 on their wedding day logically, they spend it emotionally.” - Peter Merry, The Professional Process, November 2013.

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