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In addition to being a Certified Wedding Planner, Amanda is also the face behind our recent rebrand. She has the skills to design everything from an amazing logo to an EPIC wedding. She has an eye for detail, and her background in marketing, administration, and design allow her to play a variety of different roles depending on what your event may need.

Amanda says: "Every wedding is unique, which means I must be able to change and adapt my plan to best fit each scenario. Having such a multitude of talents gives me the ability to approach a problem from many different angles to make sure it is solved swiftly and completely."


When she's not perfecting events, Amanda likes to crochet and collect coffee mugs. She loves her husband, Sanford; their two wild boys; and their unique family pets... which include two chihuahuas, a guinea pig, and a hedgehog (all rescues)! 

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