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Down on bended knee he says those four beautiful words and presents you with the ring of your dreams. The excitement and love of the occasion and commitment rushes through your body as tears come to your eyes and you smile knowing you are about to embark on the greatest of adventures, together. You start to envision your wedding; the colors, the themes, and the styles are swirling through your mind, so many ideas for your perfect day. But how do you know which style is right for you? You meet at a small boutique, should you go classy pearls and navy blue dress to match that wonderful style of the day? Or do you go with more nautical look, he did propose on the beach of Lake George. Or maybe even go for the country style with burlap and wildflowers since it brings you back to your hometown roots. The opportunities and selections are endless, but how do you truly go about setting that perfect look to your wedding, to make your day as beautiful as you imagine it to be? I want to help you focus on making your dream wedding become reality. I went out and talked to some professional stylists about what the men and women go through while trying to find that perfect outfit for the big day. (Mark’s note: Kaitlin interviewed three professionals: Traci at Danielle’s Bridal in Saratoga, Debbie from Timeless Tuxedo in Queensbury, and Anthony from Tuxego in Latham. Her blog post was also written in the perspective of a female, getting married to a male.)

Hales Mills Country Club Wedding

Image above by John Viscosi of Viscosi Photography, at Amanda & Jim's July 2016 wedding.

Dunham's Bay Resort Wedding

Photo above by Total Entertainment Instant Memories Team, at Jamielynn & Peter's wedding, July 2016 at Dunham's Bay Resort.

When deciding on finding the perfect outfit, our pros suggest you should make an appointment so that the stylist can focus on you and your needs the best to their ability, instead of just stopping in when they may be busy with others. Remember not to bring a lot of people with you, two to four people are more than enough. When you get past that number there's less room, and too many opinions going around. When deciding on who to bring think of who will have the happy couple's interest at heart, and not their own. You should look in advance for your formal wear, for brides, and bridesmaids normally six to eight months in advance or more, where grooms and groomsmen should have there last fitting 60 days prior to wedding. The earlier you go the better it is. If for some reason you cannot do your formal wear in advance you can always rent, or buy what is on the racks.

When talking to these professionals, I asked them all for some tips they could give and here they are...

  1. Come with an open mind

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

  3. It’s all about your own personal preference

  4. Go with your gut feelings

Now remember your wedding day is your day, therefore it's your rules and nobody can tell you how to have your special day.

~Kaitlin, Intern

Dunham's Bay Resort Wedding

Image above by Dexter Davis Photography and Video, Rachel & Peter's June 2016 wedding at Dunham's Bay Resort.

Mark’s Notes: OMG I have seen some of the coolest fashions in recent years and some that are so uniquely the couple you just have to fall in love! From my angle, and with barn/rustic weddings trending more and more still each year, I see brides keeping it very simple. More form fitting gowns than ever before. Turquoise seems to me to be a popular color popping up more this year locally for bridesmaids dresses. Grooms I see more with a suspender/shirt/jacket combo at many weddings and some with a vest and no jacket for the outdoor celebrations. Most popular color I see for the guys-gray! I also see chucks, or informal sneaker-type wear trending amongst the gentlemen. And camouflage…Yes, bring it! Do you!! LOVE it! Final note of importance: if you’re planning a same sex wedding, ASK the shop if they have experience fitting girls for tuxes if one of you is not wearing a dress. It’s also good to know the stylist supports marriage equality and will treat you like anyone else they do business with. :-)

Lake George Adirondack Wedding

Images above and below by Total Entertainment Instant Memories Team. Above: Ashley & Alexis's 2014 wedding at Dunham's Bay Resort. Below: Michael & Timothy's 2015 wedding at Lake George Club.

Adirondack Lake George Wedding

With so many formal wear and fashion providers to choose from, I will swear by the service at the three shops listed in Kaitlin’s blog. One in particular, Anthony from Tuxego, did recent training for us, and even gave us a little kit to have in case of emergencies which included cuff links and studs, that’s service…he even does emergency calls when he is free. WOW! For more information on the free AAWA discount program, visit, and join us for our next wedding show on October 2 this year in Queensbury!


Adirondack Wedding Show

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