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How should I propose ???

Well, not me, but YOU!!?? With the busiest two months of the year for proposals coming up, there are soooo many ways to pop the question for girls and guys it can be overwhelming sometimes. Finding the right way to do it can be harder than actually doing it, ugh! Nowadays many folks are trying to outdo their friends, do something they hope goes viral when shared, or spend a ton of time planning and executing. I feel the bottom line is there is no right answer for everyone, your engagement proposal is yours, and as unique as your love story and relationship is. It is a cherished moment no matter where and when it happens. Some fall back on the traditional times to propose like Christmas, New Years Eve, birthdays, holidays and of course, Valentines Day. Another really popular time is on a dating or "first time we met" anniversary. Let's explore some options a bit more and I'll tell you a few really original ones too, which may give you the creative spark you need to get started.

This picture above was from my friends Heather & Ted's engagment proposal. He laid out an Easter egg hunt on a family farm on Easter. When the hunt began, each egg had a note in it with a clue as to where to find the next egg, pretty cool idea! When they got to the second floor balcony there was no egg there, and she turned to him and said "There's no egg??" He told her, "Turn around and look over the railing. " That's when she saw this. Original, playful, thoughtful and very memorable. We loved telling this story at their wedding in 2011 too!

The most frequent themes for proposals I have found over the years being a DJ entertainer host and wedding planner have been: on mountain tops in the Adirondacks, in restaurants locally, with family at holiday functions or while on vacations, and on beaches or on Lake George. I've even had some fun ones shared involving rings in peanut butter, cupcakes, pizza, elf on the shelf, and carried in by puppies. That's some good stuff right there!

One of the things that I offer to all is an engagement proposal planning service. We have the connections and effects backed by our team to help create something very unique and different that the normal person may not have the resources, or time, to plan and execute alone. To get started with this, simply send me an email or contact the Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association and we will assist.

As many of you know, I also plan honeymoons and vacations through Sandals and Beaches Resorts. They too now have an engagement concierge service, to help you plan a dream proposal on one of their properties in the Caribbean. I can connect you with this service as well for something totally different and in paradise! Here's a picture of a romantic beach proposal at Sandals. (It may cost a couple dollars to pull this off, but I can help! ;-)

Whenever possible, try to have at least one other person with you or enlist the help of someone who is nearby to get a picture of the engagement so you will be able to share it later and display it in your home. It will forever be a part of your love story. This one below is from my friends Kimberly and Anthony's proposal. They got married in November 2013 and had a really fun Signature Reception with me and my team at Total Entertainment Music.

While they were on a family cruise, they were getting ready in a private room and the photographer was with them taking some pics as planned, but she did not know it was going to happen. When it did, the photographer was there to capture the moment, forever. Priceless!

One of the coolest things I have seen is the Disney proposal, at Magic Kingdom in front of the castle. My friends Alex & Jeff did this a couple years ago and got married in June 2013 with a Signature Reception I personally hosted at the Hiland Park Country Club. Someone was there to grab a couple pics and then we took those and created a really nice border print for their wedding day. This picture is the finished product and includes the images taken while he asked her to marry him. They even had a Disney themed was incredible! The words at the top are from their first dance and the middle picture is of a young girl dreaming of her prince...hey, she's a blonde too!

Could you imagine getting engaged in front of THOUSANDS of people while being televised to about 20,000 more? That's exactly what my friends Kellie & Greg did. They met at college and shared 4 years of a campus charity event together, so he thought, what better time to ask? I agree!! When they got married on New Years Eve in 2014, we made a great border print to tie it all together for them in a Signature Reception package at Echo Lake Lodge. Best New Years EVER! Here's the pictures of the engagement and the border print...

This pic shows how many people were actually there to witness the happened in THAT stadium, WOW!!!

Another orginal one is from one of my military couples, Megan and Jason, who got married in 2012. He quietly proposed during a game of pictionary with friends one night. Imagine seeing this when your fiancee asks you to marry them... really fun and unique for sure! Their Signature Reception was very, very cool at the Hall of Springs.

Finally, my friends David & Renee who had a Signature Reception with me in September 2014 in Lake George, got engaged while performing with their band, Skeeter Creek. I took this picture out of the video David's mom posted. Right in the middle of the song, "Are you gonna kiss me or not," the band stopped, David got down on one knee, and he proposed in front of everyone there. It was a truly unique and memorable moment which was captured forever. Immediately after, the finished the song right where they left off. Awesomesauce!

So you may not be a country rock star, may not have the budget to go to Disney world or the Caribbean, or be able to do this in front of thousands of people, but however, whenever and whatever you do, it will be yours. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, it's between the two of you and special to you both, just like your wedding day. Make it yours. I've had engagements done in bed, in front of the Christmas tree alone, and even a few, yes a few, in the kitchen, while washing dishes or making food. In the end, it's the beginning of the next chapter in years of writing an amazing love story. Happy Holidays everyone, can't wait to hear all the new engagement stories in the new year ahead and share them at your weddings!

~Marky, xoxoxo

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And if you or someone you know happens to get engaged in the next couple weeks, please share this link and pic with them...our 8th Annual Winter Wedding Planning Weekend is coming up January 9-10, 2016 at Dunham's Bay Resort. Many thanks!

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