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The History of the #borderprint

Many of you know, when hosting a wedding I like to do things differently when I can. My signature reception format includes many personalized elements and one of my original creations I simply call "The border print." It not only started out as an integral part of the story, being a visual aid, but also commands a great guest reaction and then, the couple keeps it forever. My personal gift to them for allowing me to host their wedding. Let's get started!

Love stories are a very unique part of my introductions and one set of friends, Heather & Jeff who got married in April 2011 at Dunham's Bay Resort had a really cool love story which they allowed me to share, one of my first ever actually. When we were meeting for the final design session a month before the wedding we reviewed the story and they said, "We have a picture of it too!" My brain immediately went nuts and I asked if I could have a copy of it. The next day, she emailed it to me. Jeff proposed at the Christmas Tree; he had taken a picture of their son (which took him 2 hours to get!) printed it, framed it and wrapped it as a gift to place for her to open. How sweet and very, very unique! Here's the picture:

So I wanted to get this blown up, but how? I went to Staples and saw they had some foam boards they print on, ok sounds good? Honestly, since this was a first time thing and I wasn't sure how it would turn out, I avoided the higher priced full bleed prints (in the $80.00 range.) I saw a sign for something they called a border print. It has a 3" white border around it and it was on special for $10.00. Sold! What a bargain. Off to the wedding I go! During the love story introduction, I got to the part where I told the engagement story and then said "And here's what Heather saw when she opened the present." I held it up for the guests to see and the reaction was incredible! Success!

Now after the guests were seated and began dinner, I still had this large foam print I had to do something with. I had thought about this before I came that day, a lot, like a real lot. I could just give it to them. Then it hit me, bring some markers and let the guests sign it. Excellent idea, increases the preciousness of the creation for sure. It was fun too!

All said and done, I had completed my first border print and it was not only full of emotion but lot's of color too. Never will Heather & Jeff forget who hosted their wedding. (I actually hosted onoe of their family members weddings this year as well, such a great referral for something that only cost a couple pennies. Love you too Andy & Beth!) Here's the completed print:

Our second border print from Heather & Ted's wedding in September 2011 was also pretty cool. Imagine going on an Easter egg hunt on Easter on the farm and the last egg leads you to the second floor balcony where there is no egg??? Then he tells you to look over the edge...

What an EPIC proposal! (great wedding too hosted by two of our other DJs) Now over the years since 2011 the creative process began and it became a staple as I also began developing my signature reception package more with all the training I had from great DJ educators all over the world. I also had more thought going into everything so the prints began to take on a whole new form, each unique to the couple and their story. Let's take Kari & Greg for example married in May 2012. Full blown three part love story beginning with their first date in Lake George, a year later they got engaged at the same restaurant and a year later they got married just up the street. Their Hollywood red carpet entrance to part III of this trilogy was amazing. So was the border print. We even had it up on the dual flat screens as pictures flashed of their story timeline. It was awesome. I was going for more of a movie poster style in this cration. The background picture I took earlier in the year at the resort they got married at, seeing how Lake George was so special to them and their story. At the bottom are the credits including the vendors who provided service at their wedding, some of their music they selected and a cute tagline. The title, "Love...of a lifetime" is actually their first dance song by Firehouse. It was all a perfect tie in for the print. Now my creative juices are really flowing, I'm excited for more...and to provide a different overall experience then any other DJ in my area.

Moving on a few weeks later, Emily & Joe had an incredible 8 year love story. From college to vacations and moving all over New York State together, I though a timeline print would suit them best, and gave it a neat title too! Joe is a true gentleman, and they are a super sweet couple too who sends me a note each year when they are on vacation celebrating their anniversary. I love them!

Kristy & Phil had a very elegant wedding at The Inn at Erlowest on Lake George and one heck of a celebration to follow too! Their print included some words they wrote about each other before they got married. It was all this print needed along with a monogram and their date.

Jaime & Phil got engaged in Little Italy in NYC and were married in North Creek in the Adirondacks. Their picture they gave me was too incredible to cover up with text. I kept this one simple too. It certainly is love...defined!

In 2013 things got pretty interesting by the end of the wedding season. Many couples were giving me engagement pictures or professional shots they had taken, making the prints even nicer than before. Anthony & Elizabeth's first dance was one of my all-time favorite voice recordings, Wanted by Hunter Hayes, Their version, like most of my signature couples I like to call a "forever dance." They had two prints, using pics from a vacation they took prior to their wedding. Excellent fields to write on and gorgeous couple. Love them too!

Brooke & Zach had my first ever Signature Reception at Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid. They got engaged at Disney, so it went on the print as part of their story. The first dance or last dance titles are finding their way into all my border prints this year. (I'm excited to be hosting their relatives Signature Reception next year for Amanda and Colan!)

Etta & Eric, love you! And your print! We did some black and white with this one. First dance, Then by Brad Paisley. Who does not LOVE this picture? We had a super awesome wedding at the Hiland Park Country Club.

Alexandria & Jeff got engaged at Disney and they had a picture of it too! I took the background from the frame it was on, and put a sweet shot of a little blonde girl staring at the castle, then inset their pictures from the engagement top and bottom. Finished it off with their song. Priceless. Another EPIC Signature Reception Experience at Hiland Park Country Club.

Now Jessica and Jason are a whole different story (love my Mifsud family!) They met in high school in 2013. Before they left school, he gave her a ring that resembled his promise that one day, he would watch her walk down the aisle towards her. Then they parted ways. Nine years later, we celebrated the night away at Saratoga National, it was the first ever Signature reception (and only one todate) at this venue. Just incredible. First dance, You make my dreams come true by Hall & Oates. You'll notice the tie in with the print text from the promise to the first dance song. Love it!

Anthony & Kimberly are children of some nice friends of mine. They had my first ever Signature Reception at Jimbo's Club at the Point. It was so incredible! The print ties in some unique elements of their story. The picture on the left, in black and white was taken when he proposed on a family cruise. The pictures on the right were taken by their professional photographer, Rob Spring (I love him!) The title is actually taken right out of their first dance song, Colors, by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. It certainly did turn into color on their wedding day, including 9 confetti shots, 2 at the ceremony and 7, yes 7, at the end! Epic!

Heading into 2014 after making dozens of prints for weddings in 2013, I was just loving the gift I was giving and the experience I was providing for my friends. Amber & Mark's themed print spoke volumes about their love story and I used their final dance song, Young love by Kip Moore because it really defined their history. Love their movie style print! (P.S.--It's really hard to pick the several prints from each year I am showing as I made so many, this blog is soooo long!)

Had to include David and Renee. My photographer took this picture during an engagement shoot we did for them and during their planning, Renee picked out their first dance. We laid some voice recordings over it too of course. But what Miss Renee did not know was David changed the song a couple weeks prior to a song Renee recorded when she was about 14 years old, entitled Somewhere in Love. I kept the voice recordings over the original song she picked then the mix transitioned to her song. Naturally, I took the chorus of her song, an dropped it on the print. You should hear this angel sing. A natural country star right here in our own area. You can listen to her when she plays with their band, Skeeter Creek. They are also members of the Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association here in our region, which we run!

Jessica & Matt just had a baby! They are certainly feeling the moment! They wanted something different and hired me two years before their wedding last year. We had plenty of time to create something awesome for them in their Signature Reception, first ever at Malozzi's Banquet House. They had two prints, I chose this one for the change from usually using the first dance song. This one was the song we used for their love story surprise entrance from the DJ balcony. Total surprise for all, and of course, totally EPIC! Second picture is one they sent me of both prints, framed and hanging on the wall in their house. I LIVE for this. I LIVE for you. I love you all.

My loves Lina & Ryan also had two prints. This time around I kept it simple and fell in love with the gorgeous pictures they gave me. Title was from their final dance, You and me by Dave Matthews. They enjoyed a super awesome honeymoon in St. Lucia afterwards at Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort which I helped them with. I would love to help you as well! We're expecting soon too, yay!

Kortney and David, their picture, OMG to die for. See the trend here in these beautiful engagement shots? LOVE them! Their first dance, Here by Rascal Flatts summed up their relationship. It had to go on their print. Simply had to.

Heather & Tyler could not be more lucky. First dance by Colbie Callait & Jason Mraz titled their print. Love these guys so much, epic wedding day with more first ever Signature Elements including a ceremony voice recording and shadow entrance. You should have been there...wait, you can be by clicking here!

Kellei & Greg met at college and got engaged during their annual THON fundraising event with thousands, and thousands of people watching. It was EPIC! I took a photo of THON I found and inset their engagement picture from Caitlin Miller, another angel I work with often from the Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association. She's the bestest! This was an incredible New Years Eve wedding celebation at Echo Lake Lodge. LOVE!

What's happened so far in 2015??? We're halfway through the year so I'll shoot a few for you to see. January's winter wedding Signature Reception for Kalyn & Bob, speechless. Really. WOW. You really had to be there. That's all I can say. Title of their first dance, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. LOVE! <3

Jenny & Eric's print background also came from Caitlin Miller. They had a really sweet story and history in the area they live, so this picture was very important to them. I loved it too! First dance waas the title of their print. How awesome is this picture!

Lindsey & Michael are just too cute for their own good. 9 years after meeting at a Halloween party, they tied the knot. Print title out of their first dance also. Love the rustic theme, which they brought to their wedding at Dunham's Bay Resort. Blew everyone away from start to finish.

Mikayla & Sean had a Gatsby themed wedding, so Gatsby themed print! Had to incorporate the quote from F. Scott on the bottom, it made it complete. Inset picture by George Laing, another member of the Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association who worked with me at their wedding at Dunham's Bay Resort. You can see highlights of their wedding here and their ceremony entrance here.

Now you know how the #borderprint got it's start and where it is headed in the future. If you would like me to custom create a Signature Reception Experience for your wedding day, kindly give me a shout and I would be more than happy to help you on the path to the #bestweddingever!

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