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The Difference Between That iPhone And A Professional

Yay! I finally remembered when I had an opportunity at a recent wedding to make sure I did what anyone can do...use my iPhone 6+ to get an amazing picture!!! Ok, so it didn't go as planned, but, thank goodness the professional was there to back me up, otherwise, the moment would have been lost...forever!

My good friends Jenny & Eric wanted to get a shot outside Dunham's Bay Resort where their wedding was being held, I told them I would bring out some of my wireless up lights, set them to purple and light up the front of the resort. What a cool idea and we only had a few minutes to do it. Here's the shot I took with my iPhone....Came out great!!!!!

Ok, well, it came out ok, at least the front of the resort looked good. Later on the following week, I opened the picture up in an editing program and I lightened it up a bit, I think we scored big here. Thank goodness I have TONS of editing experience and made it look super awesome, I saved the day! :-))))) Here's the lightened shot after I used my editing tool (microsoft office.) Sweet kisses, I Love weddings. I'm pretty sure I can be a professional photographer now, may even get a real camera!

Now that I saved the day and we have a great image to be remembered forever, I was done. It got all kinds of likes on social media too. This is so freaking cool! Glad I own those uplights! Then my fellow Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association member and photographer for the evening, Caitlin Miller, posted hers. Maybe I should stick to being a DJ afterall. How in the heck did she do that, and the moon too??? My camera didn't even see it? I just don't understand at all. Here's her shot....

So, where does this leave us? Let's define professional first, according to Google: "(of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime."

Ok, we now know a "professional" gets paid. How many people out there know a sports team player at the professional level, like the NFL or NBA for example, who gets paid to do what they do, but, maybe isn't as great as the others on the team? I don't follow sports at all, but, I know there are some. Not every team can afford those high end players either. You work with your budget and you do the best you can. Those experienced, professional players make the game, they win, they bring home results. They also, most every single time, have a back-up plan! Years of training, experience, creativity and most of all PASSION for their craft allow them the ability to produce results like this. (Thanks Cait!)

I have solutions for professionals...reputable, quality, experienced professionals who can do this for you at almost any budget. All you have to do is ask, and I will help you anyway I can. I'll bring my up lights too. :-)

But wait, I've got another idea....I'll bring my Go Pro and get a shot that's more high resolution and I should be all set. Cool! At Meg and Zach's wedding last fall I set my Go Pro to take some pics while I was setting up a fun group shot on the dance floor. It was awesome, take a look for yourself! (I'm even in the shot! How cool is that!--but why are they not looking at my Go Pro?)

I know why, they were looking at the professionals camera. I saw this next shot from the fellow Adironack-Albany Wedding Association member, Dexter Davis. How did he do this? Is he a professional? I thought for sure my Go Pro would get all the action superbly.... Here's Dexter's shot...

Rats, beat again, but, I think I can beat him with the confetti shot we fired at the end of the wedding. It's epic! My Go Pro caught it too!!! Sweet, let's take a looksie, I think I nailed it, thank goodness for my Go Pro mounted on a tripod, I'll never miss anything again with this baby! (Hey, whose big black camera is in the middle of my picture in the background???)

I think it was that rascal professional photographer ruining my shot! What was he thinking, I had the perfect moment set up, the Go Pro captured it all. What could he have possibly been doing over there in my shot???

So that's what he was up to, beat me again. He even brought these fancy remote controlled flashes to light everything up. I should invest in some of those. Or, maybe I'll just keep setting up these shots and thanking sweet baby Jesus there are professionals who know what they are doing. Yeah, that's the ticket! Let me know how I can help you get what you are looking for. I love you all!

...still not about those popular sparkler pictures you see on Pinterest, we can get one of those for sure, all we need is a camera. I'll use my iPhone again at Rhonda and Ashleys wedding and it will be a total success! YES!

I got it, yay! But that silly Cait was standing next to me and she got one too.....

She even did some editing in black and white. I give up. It's all yours gang. See you at the next wedding, I'll bring the music. ~Marky

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