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The Ultimate Wedding Reception, Vol. 1

My first co-authored book was published in 2012 and is packed full of great information for your wedding day from myself and other pros around the country and Canada. What an honor to be included among the elite companies who produce so many events each week for thousands and thousands of people across our land!

My chapter, "You Don't Need A DJ, You Need A Superhero!" begins on page 89 and I offer up some great things to consider when planning your reception. It focuses on creating "signature moments" at all events, especially weddings. You only get one chance to experience each moment as it happens, so timing and the right attitude are everything. It just simply has to be perfect! This is accomplished with P.M.A.-a Positive Mental Attitude. I attribute this acronym and attitude to one of my mentors and long time friends, Michael Walter, of Elite Entertainment in New Jersey. Another key element to any successful celebration is PASSION! I get my passion from all my experiences in life and a huge part of my entertainment passion inspiration from my good friend Sean McKee, of James Daniel Entertainment in Connecticut. Passion, and P.M.A = success every time no matter the situation!

Great entertainers are not in it for themselves. They are working with the other professionals to create one incredibly memorable experience for you and all your guests. Top-level entertainers work with photographers and videographers to create and capture all the best moments throughout your celebration. If you want the best to work along with me, check out my "Team Solutions" page. In addition to creating these "Signature moments," I will suggest switching up the traditional order of your wedding events. Opening with mini dance sets, first dances after dinner, involving love stories, custom recordings and more all create matchless, romantic, unique and most of all, fun receptions! This picture below was taken at Matt & Jessica's wedding in they entered their reception after their love story. FEEL the energy and excitement they shared after their guests danced for 10 minutes before we brought them in at Dunham's Bay Resort in Lake George.

Giving your entertainer some flexibility to read the crowd and take requests is also key to a great celebration...let them have some breathing room when it comes to song selections. The night will be immensely more fun for you and your guests if you let the DJ read the crowd and not your playlist. Of course you should always include your favorites and a do not play list, but for maximum guest involvement on the dance floor, let them be able to make some requests too if time permits and they fit the flow and energy. You're sure to see moments like this one below...on a the afternoon. :-) (Taken at Emily & Nate's wedding in June 2013 at The Inn At Erlowest, Lake George, NY.)

There's so much more from me in this book, but the final tip is often overlooked. Select a venue for your celebration where the bar area is in the same room as the space you rented. A lot of people don't think about it, but it can be catastrophic if the bar is located in an area separate from where the action is happening. People have to leave the main room to go to the bar and this departure decreases the number of people and energy in the room. It's a simple detail, but it keeps everyone more involved and creates a celebratory environment for the duration of your reception. Whenever possible, your photo booth or photo magnet station should also be in the same room as well. Here's a good example of what I mean below, taken at Kimberly and Tony's wedding at one of my favorite places to host a reception, Jimbo's Club at the Point in Brant Lake, NY. The bar is located just under the canoe mounted to the ceiling, behind the group on the dance floor. So close!

Trust me to help you make your once in a lifetime celebration the most talked about event of the year no matter what. I will provide you advice and assistance as well as all the best vendors in the region and it will leave you and your guests in a state of emotional satisfaction like you have never experienced before. This, is my promise to you. xoxo

For more information on my book or to purchase a copy, please visit at this link.

Finally, here's a great video which captures the entire essence of my celebration philosopy. Thanks to Dave and Renee for trusting me with all of your wedding planning needs and for allowing me to host your wedding in 2014 at Dunham's Bay Resort. It was my honor to make sure every detail was taken care of and all the vendors who assisted were 110% the best possible. ~Marky

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