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Cassie & Andrew, 9.22.12

I met Cassandra and Andrew in 2011 and had hosted a couple of other weddings for their friends. This was an instant awesome connection and turned out to be what "saved" their wedding day as I provided solutions for them when all hope was lost...twice.

First, after many planning sessions and working together with their awesome decor ideas, a bomb dropped on them. Their venue had a fire just a couple of months before their wedding, they would no longer be able to have it there and desperately needed a new location. With this very popular fall date being booked at most other local venues, and a large guest count combined with the fact that they already hired and paid their caterer, we had to find them a place that allowed this and would hold their guests. I reached out to one of my contacts and we were able to find them a new location close by in just a week. Everything turned out so very well and they ended up having the dream celebration they desired!

Their first dance with all guests surrounding them and wedding party joining in above. (Image by my staff)

The celebration was a non-stop success and straight out dance party, everyone all in, the entire time. This picture above says it all! They were right in the middle of all the love we created for them. (Image by my staff)

After the wedding, everyone was so excited that it all went off without a hitch. They had used several vendors in my network including Sweet Basil Restaurant for their rehearsal dinner, Sleep Inn for lodging, Blooms Weddings & Events for floral, and one of my limousine providers. I had the honor of hosting as entertainment. One outside vendor was the photographer. That person was there to capture the day, but, ended up providing very few, and not that great quality images of their entire day. The whole success of the day from an imaging standpoint, was now lost. Dreams shattered. Once again, Cassie and Andrew felt like there was no solution. I had one though...

Some time after, I reached out to Cassie and said, "Let's put your dress back on, get a tux, some floral needs and bring your daughter along, we'll go out and do some pictures at venues in my network and we will provide you some images to recapture your love for one another." It was a success, cold, but fun and a success. See for yourself below! (all images taken by my staff photographer)

If you have an issue come up during your planning, let me know how I can help you. I will do my best for you and try to give you a positive solution and favorable outcome, with plenty of smiles and maybe even a little bit of snow and confetti. :-) ~Marky

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