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Welcome to the Wild West Ranch, Barn at French Mountain, Wild Horse Saloon and Fun Park Event Planning Page. This is your resource for all pics maps, layouts and info on hosting or partnering non-wedding events with us. 

ADDRESS:  5 Mill Road, Lake George, NY 12845

POC: Mark Brenneisen 


C/T: 518-361-2584

Each event and partnership is unique, and we'll establish rates for you once we meet should you go that route (as many do at least the first year).  If you straight rent the property some of these terms will not apply. 

Terms/Notes (all subject to change/based on event type):

-You will need $1,000,000 insurance policy to produce or partner with us

-You will use our in-house bar service (others may be allowed like beer trucks/etc)

-We can do food in-house, food trucks are allowed also once approved

-Events over 300 people require additional rest rooms

-You will provide your own ticketing/security. We provide venue managers only

-8 am is typically the earliest arrival for set ups, exceptions may be made

-We will advise what other in-house vendors are required, such as photo/video/music

-Our managers have the right to stop any events deemed unsafe

-Outdoor music and in arena musts top at 10 pm.  Saloon space can go later

-We will advise on deposits required and payment schedules

-You are required to use/rent our stage:

Minimum size with 1 staircase is 8’ x 12’, and is $600.00.

We can do up to 30' x 30' , an it is 4' off the floor

100.00 per 4' x 4' section/square over 8' x 12'

-We have a 6 bedroom, 3 bath bunkhouse on property available to rent

Property Maps, Layouts & LOGOS:


All our logos are in this gallery are for partnership events:

-YOU MUST use on any promotional materials you design

-YOU MUST have designs approved by us before release

General Main Property Festival Outdoor Area Pictures

Vendor areas, check in, parking

Main Vendor Village Paved Lot is 70'D x 300'W between saloon and arena

Barn at French Mountain/Main Arena Pictures

8400 sq ft on floor / 60' x 140' plus outside rear overhang covered area

Wild Horse Saloon Area Pictures

Approx. 3000 sq ft plus deck and backyard area, climate controlled

Arena Pole Barn

Approx. 32'D x 45'W 2 circuits

Arena Pavilion & Outpost (outpost would be a great EMS station or management space)

approx. 30' x 40', 2 circuits

Saloon Pavilion

Approx 18'D x 40'W, 2 circuits

Parlor - green room 1

approx. 38'D x 28'W, several circuits, climate controlled

Jail Space

approx. 22'D x 14'W, 1 circuit

Tannery- green room 2

approx. 22'D x 29'W, several circuits, climate controlled

Last of Mohicans Set area

1 circuit nearby within 200'

Upper & Lower Plateaus (completely in woods)

will require generator and bathrooms

lower plateau is around football field size

upper plateau is about 3-4 football fields size

Bunkhouse and Den Overnight Space

Bunkhouse is 5 bedroom, 2 bath

Den is 1 bedroom, 1 bath

both are all queen beds

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