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Setup Hours (VARY BY EVENT) No access before 8 am at any event, all spaces generally 10 x 10 or larger

4/27/24 Mommy & Me Market Saturday April 27, 2024 10 am - 1 pm ($30.00 per vendor space in barn or outside if desired in parking lot)

-set up at 8 am or after

*All spaces for mommy & me are slated to be in barn, we do not provide anything but the space.  10 x 10  in barn, unlimited space outside on paved lot

6/7-6/9/24  DJ Takeover Music & Arts Festival, June 7-9, 2024 ($50.00 PER EVENT, or $150.00 for whole weekend)

-Event 1: Friday, June 7:  Country/Rock Night-set up anytime after 12 pm, event runs 630-11pm

-Event 2: Saturday, June 8:  Super kids party-set up anytime after 9 am event runs 12-3 pm  + 3-5 pm open themed stage for DJs

-Event 3: Saturday, June 8: EDM Festival-set up anytime during day, event runs 5 pm - 11 pm

-Event 4: Sunday, June 9:  Pride Festival with tea dance.  set up anytime after 9 am, event runs 12-7 pm

*You can vend any hours you choose at the DJ festival, you do not have to vend all day

*All spaces for DJ festival are slated to be outside, we do not provide anything but the space


Show & Vendor Rules:

There are NO refunds on payments, just credits for future events. 

Vendors are allowed to bring their own food and N/A beverages.  There is food/beverage available for purchase.


Vendor has the exclusive right to occupy booth space reserved. Booth space is guaranteed only when contract and payment are received. Booth sharing/splitting is not allowed.   You must supply your own table/tent/etc.


All vendor employees & representatives must follow vendor rules and guidelines. Vendors must leave vendor booth as it was before setup. Vendors can represent / display only their own business, products & services.


Vendors participate in the show at their own risk. Food vendors must carry business liability insurance. Vendors distributing food samples must follow food safety guidelines. Personal property brought in by vendors, invitees or guests is the sole responsibility of the individual or group. The Barn at French Mountain will not be liable for any loss or damage for any reason.  Vendors acknowledge that The Barn at French Mountain does not maintain insurance covering vendors’ property.  It is the sole responsibility of vendors to obtain business interruption, property damage or other applicable insurance.


The show will go on despite inclement seasonal weather. All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE AND WILL NOT BE CREDITED. 


Signs and banners are allowed in The Barn at French Mountain public areas.   All signs in vendor display spaces must be professionally printed.


With the exception of name tags worn on the clothing of vendors, invitees or guests; the distribution of gummed stickers or labels is strictly prohibited.


Vendors must bring their own extension cords to power their displays. (minimum 100ft)


For more info, contact the Barn at French Mountain by calling 518-792-6092 or emailing

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